Oct 31st, 2011 |

by Dir. RICK     |

The Wonders Of Nopal

Nopal has been used as a medicinal plant and is a hallmark vegetable in the Latin American diet. Various studies have demonstrated Nopal’s ability to affect  blood glucose and hypercholesterolemia. The intake of Nopal decreases plasma LDL levels, increases expression of apolipoprotein receptor expression,  increases hepatic LDL turnover, and affects cholesterol homeostasis. The Nopal demonstrates the ability to decrease blood glucose levels as well the  hyperglycemic peak during glucose tolerance testing. In addition, Nopal has demonstrated the ability to control experimentally induced diabetes. Similar studies,  along with domestic surveys have prompted international evaluation of the Nopal cactus to determine its ability to regulate glucose utilization. Currently,  homeopathic industries have begun to incorporate Nopal into supplements intended to help regulate plasma glucose levels.

Nopal On Diabetes.

Study 1:

Subcutaneous glucose tolerance tests after gastric administration of water for control group, tolbutamide suspension for reference control group, or a traditional  preparation of the plant for experimental group2. Blood glucose levels were measured in fasting, and at 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300 minutes. Among the twelve  edible plants studied was, of coarse, Opuntia Streptacantha, also known as nopal. Opuntia demonstrated a significant decrease in blood glucose values as  demonstrated as a decrease of 17.8% (p<0.05) in the area under the glucose tolerance curve and a decrease of 18% (p<0.05) in the hyperglycemic peak as  compared to controls. The interest of controlling diabetes mellitus with edible plants is simple, food and medication become one. Possiblities include diabetic  patients reducing dosage of current hypoglycemic agents by incorporating these plants into their diet. Also, patients with mild Type 2 diabetes could possibly avoid  the use of these agents and control blood glucose via diet alone.

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April 23rd, 2011     |

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Japan Reactor Meltdown and Radiation

Well Friends, I am sure many of you are wondering what to do about the radiation coming at us from Japan and other places.

Radiation is becoming a BIG problem. All of the Depleted Uranium ammunition

being used in wars around the world is floating all over the place causing cancers, birth defects and many other problems. Do a search on Lauren Moret and read some of her articles. They are quite shocking.

So what do we do? First we have to get out of denial. We must admit this is a REAL problem.

I remember back a few years ago, a woman came to my office feeling terrible and needing some help.

I asked her if she had any clues as to the cause of her problems, She said, "Well, I was very close to Chernobyl when it melted down."

I said, "Really?" We took a look at her blood under the microscope. Wow, her red blood cells looked like "Christmas Trees." Red blood is supposed to be round, like a ball.

I told the woman that she had radiation poisoning and that she should go on a radiation detoxification program.

I am sure many of you are wondering, "How do I do that?". Well to start, you must remove heavy metals from your body.

Heavy metals like mercury, nickel, lead, cadmium, bind radiation to you. By removing the heavy metals thru chelation and other processes, you are removing the radioactive elements.

The Detoxamin suppossitories are one way to remove the neavy metals and thus the radiation.

I also recommend a seaweed product from Russia, called "Modilfilan", you can order it at www.poseidonsharvest.com

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The Modifilan pulls out heavy metals and radiation by binding with it and pulling it out.

The Russians developed this product specifically to deal with the radiation fallout from Chernobyl.

I will be writing more articles about how to deal with radiation in the coming weeks.