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Dear Friends,

Some of you may remember that I was one of the first practitioners to use the amazing Electro-Magnetic technologies developed by the late Dr.Robert C. Beck.

We had hundreds of success stories starting back in the mid nineties with everything from 
AIDS to Cancer. I have a couple of testimonial videos below from former patients.

As the years went on, I became involved in other projects and other healing disciplines 
and I put my blood electrifier and magnetic pulser in the closet. 

Then a couple years ago I began to do extensive research on the subject of baldness and natural hair regeneration. I decided to use myself as a test subject as over the years I had lost a substantial amount of head hair. 

During my research I remembered Dr. Beck telling me that he had regrown his flaming red hair by using blood electrification almost daily for over a year. So I dusted off my old blood electrifier and put in a fresh 9 volt battery. 

I started doing bood electrification at four hours per day on Thanksgiving 2016. 
As of today, 03/29/2017 I have regrown a substantial and VERY noticeable amout of head hair.
I will continue at 4-6 hours per day until I regrow ALL of my lost hair.
I will also be writing a book about natural hair regrowth later this year.

For those of you who are too impatient to wait for my book to regrow your own hair,
I am NOW offering custom made blood electrification units built to my specs. 

These units work at the original 4 HZ Frequency recommended by Dr. Beck.
$149 plus $9.50 for 10-14 day Standard International Shipping  
Or $28.50 for FEDEX expedited shipping.

*Best to order 2-3 extra wellness probes when ordering 
Electro Pulser

Extra Wellness Probes

$5 per set


This product has NOT been reviewed for safety or efficacy by the FDA, Health Canada or
other regulatory agency. Use at your own risk.



Former patient Cliff J.

Former patient Kevin M.

Understanding The Somatid Cycle and The Process Of Cancer


March 29th, 2017     |

Electro Pulser

Healing With Microcurrents of Electricity|

Micropulsing is zapping the blood with electricity. The electricity used is a very gentle form, known as microcurrents. 
Microcurrents have been used in medical devices like pacemakers, TENS devices and others for many decades. 
Microcurrents of electricity are considered safe.

Micropulsing, the application we are going to discuss, involves applying gentle microcurrents to the blood.
These microcurrents are created using a unit powered by a small battery. The microcurrents are introduced to the body by placing two small electrodes on the wrist.
There are two arteries in each arm that come close to the surface at the wrists. The electrodes are targeting these two arteries

In 1990 a remarkable discovery was made.
Two medical doctors, Stephen Kaali and William Lyman, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, discovered that applying microcurrents to cultured white blood cells infected with viruses disabled the viruses without affecting normal healthy cells.
In 1991,the potential of this research discovery was announced in Science News magazine:

Zapping the AIDS virus with low–voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory, ....
William D. Lyman and his colleagues found that exposure to 50 to 100 microamperes of electricity—comparable to that produced by a cardiac pacemaker—reduced the infectivity of the AIDS virus (HIV) by 50 to 95 percent. Their experiments ... showed that the shocked viruses lost the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction, and could no longer cause the white cells to clump together—two key signs of virus infection.

The finding could lead to tests of implantable electrical devices or dialysis–like blood treatments in HIV–infected patients, Lyman says. In addition, he suggests that blood banks might use electricity to zap HIV, and vaccine developers might use electrically incapacitated viruses as the basis for an AIDS vaccine.

The following year, after interviewing Dr. Steven Kaali, Longevity magazine added:
... most of the AIDS viruses in a blood sample will lose their infectious capability after being zapped by a very low–level current. Repeated exposure appears to leave blood virtually free of HIV, as well as hepatitis—without harming blood cells.

It is important to note that the research in the lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine was based on taking the blood out of the body to expose it to microcurrents and was conducted in a laboratory setting. So, what happened as a result of this ground-breaking research? What happened since 1990 to improve health and save lives all over the world? Nothing. The patent filed based on this research was sold, and nothing more happened.Modern medicine has ignored this astounding discovery.

Enter Bob Beck.

Robert C. Beck D.Sc., a retired physicist, had been developing sensitive instrumentation and exploring electromedicine for most of his career. In 1991, when he learned of the research by Kaali and Lyman he was immediately inspired:
“It occurred to me in a flash of light, why take the blood out of the body. Why not leave it in there where it belongs.”4
Micropulsing was born.

Based on all the research Bob Beck was already aware of, he felt this discovery would have far wider applications than any one disease. He wondered if this was a way our Creator had left a back-door to help our bodies heal—using electricity. It would take only a few years to show that electricity does indeed have far wider applications for healing.

Bob Beck believed the public had a right to choose to use safe, simple technology. Bob’s design for passing microcurrents through blood brought the use of gentle electricity for healing directly to the public. His design allowed micropulsing to be easily used at home, the office or outdoors.
Bob affectionately called applying microcurrents to blood, “blood electrification.” He also described his unit as a “blood purifier” or as a “blood cleaner.”
Bob Beck’s inspiration, to apply gentle electricity to the blood in an easy-to-use way, worked—it boosted the body’s ability to heal itself.

How to Use the Bob Beck Unit

The micropulsing unit to apply microcurrents for blood electrification is simple to use—two electrodes are placed on the skin over the arteries on each side of the wrist. One electrode is placed over the Radial artery on the thumb side of the wrist, and the other electrode is placed over the Ulnar artery, on the little finger side of the wrist. The blood comes closer to the surface of the skin at these pulse points.

The basic protocol suggests building up the time from as little as 10 minutes a day to a minimum of two hours or more per day. Micropulsing may speed up the normal body cleansing process, referred to as detoxification or detoxing. Starting slowly helps avoid any flu-like or other detox symptoms. Building up to a minimum of two hours a day is suggested in order to expose enough of the circulating blood to the microcurrents being applied to the wrist. Bob stressed the importance of drinking plenty of water when micropulsing, to help eliminate toxins.
Once started, micropulsing should be applied for a minimum of six weeks. For more serious challenges and for details on a maintenance program.

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